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Splitit Launches FI-PayLater to Revolutionize BNPL Market

Splitit Launches FI-PayLater to Revolutionize BNPL Market

Splitit introduces FI-PayLater, connecting banks (FIs) and card issuers to its vast merchant network to offer seamless installment plans at the point of sale. This innovative solution allows FIs to offer "during purchase" Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options, traditionally dominated by fintech companies. FI-PayLater empowers FIs to leverage their existing customer relationships and trust by providing flexible payment options directly at merchant checkouts, enhancing customer choice and loyalty. This service not only boosts FIs presence in the BNPL space but also increases merchant sales through improved payment flexibility. FI-PayLater integrates easily with multiple FIs, streamlining the adoption process and providing a cohesive experience for consumers. With this launch, Splitit aims to shift the power dynamics in the consumer finance industry, benefiting banks, merchants, and consumers alike.

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