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E-Commerce Booms as Shoppers Embrace BNPL Amid Inflation

E-Commerce Booms as Shoppers Embrace BNPL Amid Inflation

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option has seen significant growth in the e-commerce sector, with Adobe Analytics reporting a 12% increase to $25.9 billion in sales during the first four months of the year. This surge is driven by consumers seeking to manage their budgets in face of persistent inflation, choosing to pay for items in smaller increments. The total e-commerce sales reached $331.6 billion, covering various categories such as groceries, personal care, electronics, and furniture. Despite economic uncertainties, the digital market shows resilience, with groceries expected to match electronics and apparel in revenue share within three years. This trend towards more manageable payment options may also indicate a rise in invisible debt, as more consumers opt for BNPL.

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