Travel Gel Dough® + Z™ Gel

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Size: One Size
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Introducing the ultimate cooling pillow for ultimate comfort - the Travel Gel Dough Z Pillow! This innovative pillow combines the best of both worlds with its compressible design and cool gel technology. Perfect for travel, use as a neck roll pillow for flights, cars or buses, or as a traditional sleeping pillow for hotels or when staying as a guest. Say goodbye to hot, sleepless nights with the Z Gel layer that lays on top of the pillow, capturing and dissipating your body heat for a cooler sleeping surface. The memory foam is also infused with Z Gel for an optimal thermal experience. The unique Gel Dough formula creates a softer, cooler memory foam for ultimate comfort. The breathable rayon from bamboo velour cover adds to the cooling effect and is removable for easy laundering. Upgrade your sleep game with the Travel Gel Dough Z Pillow - the perfect combination of cooling technology and comfort for maximum relaxation on-the-go or at home.

Package Dimensions: 16 x 12.5 x 4 inches