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Ecarpat 26'' Fat Tire Bike: Shimano 21SPD, Dual Disc, Suspension, Urban-Trail Hybrid

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Experience the thrill of off-road adventure with our premium all-terrain mountain bike, designed to conquer any trail, road, or terrain that comes your way. Built with a unique shock-absorbing design, this bike features thickened front forks that absorb shocks, providing a comfortable ride and allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead.

Our bike boasts a full Shimano gearing kit, including Shimano grip shifters, gears, and rear derailleurs, ensuring a seamless and precise gear transition. The wider tires, up to 4 inches in width, offer 5 times more wear resistance than ordinary bicycle tires, providing strong grip and anti-slip capabilities on any terrain. Whether you're tackling off-road trails, cruising city roads, riding on beaches, or exploring snow-covered landscapes, this bike is designed to keep up.

Safety is paramount, which is why our fat tire bike features a dual disc brake system, with mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. This advanced system greatly reduces braking distance, ensuring you can stop quickly and safely in case of an emergency.

The rugged frame of our mountain bike is crafted from high-carbon steel, providing strong support and durability. Ergonomically designed, the frame is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring a reliable and safe ride every time.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, this premium all-terrain mountain bike is the perfect companion for your next adventure.

Main Specifications:

* Main Color: Orange
* Main Material: Steel
* Product Style: American Design
* Use Case: Garden & Outdoor, Sport or Fitness
* Type: Cycling Sport or Fitness
* Features: Anti-slip, Fitness & Sports Function, Multifunctional, Heart Rate Test
* Dimensions: Assembled Length - 74.00 in, Assembled Width - 25.00 in, Assembled Height - 41.00 in, Weight - 60.00 lbs