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Deluxe GroomPro Table - Portable & Adjustable w/ Arm, Noose & Tray

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Unleash the potential of your pet grooming business with the ultimate grooming companion - the Adjustable Clamp Overhead Pet Grooming Arm with Double Grooming Loop! Crafted for both the professional groomer and the dedicated pet owner, this state-of-the-art grooming table is an epitome of durability, convenience, and stability.

Crafted from premium stainless steel, this grooming table stands up to the challenge of daily use. The non-slip pure rubber matting is both scrap resistant and a breeze to clean, ensuring that hair and debris don't stick around. Thanks to the static-free board, maintenance is as simple as a quick wipe down.

The table's top is not just strong, it's smart too. With a waterproof 7-layer seal, moisture is kept at bay, prolonging the life of your table and ensuring trouble-free use for years to come. Edged with deluxe aluminum and supported by robust brackets, this table can handle the heaviest of dogs without breaking a sweat.

The heavy-duty stainless steel folding legs are impervious to rust or corrosion, meaning this table is not just for the salon—it's perfect for mobile groomers who demand quality on the go. And when the job is done, it folds away easily for hassle-free storage.

Not only is this grooming table solid and reliable, but it's also designed with your pet's safety in mind. Rounded edges prevent accidents and injuries, while the anti-slip rubber feet ensure the table remains stable during even the most animated grooming sessions.

And because we know that grooming is an art that requires precision, the height-adjustable H-frame with two nooses adapts to your needs, giving you the flexibility to groom pets of various sizes. Plus, with a handy lower rack, you have all the extra storage space you need for tools and supplies.

Transform your grooming routine with a table that combines professional-grade features with user-friendly design. This grooming table isn't just a purchase, it's an investment in your pet's appearance, safety, and your overall grooming experience.

Main Specifications
Color Black
Table Dimensions {'Length (in.)': 46.0, 'Width (in.)': 24.0, 'Height (in.)': 30.0}
Weight {'Pounds (lbs)': 39.0}
Material {'Frame': 'Stainless Steel', 'Surface': 'Anti-slip Rubber'}
Weight Capacity {'Pounds (lbs)': 250}
Features {'Non-slip Matting': 'Yes', 'Static-free Board': 'Yes', 'Waterproof Sealing': '7-Layer', 'Edge': 'Deluxe aluminum', 'Legs': 'Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Folding', 'Stability': {'Design Support Brackets': 'Yes', 'Steel Reinforced Rubber Caps': 'Yes'}}
Adjustable Components {'Overhead Arm': 'Yes', 'H-frame': {'Height Adjustable': 'Yes', 'Nooses': '2'}}
Additional Features {'Mesh Tray Dimensions': {'Length (in.)': 25.6, 'Width (in.)': 12.6}, 'Foldable': 'Yes', 'Storage Rack': 'Yes'}