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2-in-1 Folding X-Bike: Tone Up with 10-Level Resistance & Arm Bands!

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Unleash the power of fitness with the revolutionary Folding Exercise Bike, a dynamic blend of comfort and versatility designed to cater to your every workout whim. Whether you're aiming for the vigorous intensity of an upright bike session or seeking the relaxed vibe of a recumbent ride, this bike morphs to meet your mood. Imagine the convenience of a full-scale fitness studio that folds away, becoming a silent sentinel until your next calorie-burning crusade.

Picture yourself tracking your triumphs on the expansive LCD display, where every heartbeat, mile, and minute is a testament to your dedication. No more juggling gadgets; your trusty device rests securely on the equipped phonepad holder, ensuring your entertainment is as uninterrupted as your exercise.

Tired of tepid workouts? Crank up the challenge with the 10-Level Adjustable Resistance, turning your fitness journey from a leisurely stroll to a mountainous trek with a simple twist. And let's not forget the innovative arm bands, transforming every pedal into a potential bicep curl or tricep extension.

Don't let the fear of slippage disrupt your rhythm; the steadfast pedals with straps are designed to keep you glued in place, allowing you to pedal with the ferocity of a cyclone without the risk of becoming one.

Ready to wrap up? Glide the bike into seclusion with the stealthy transport wheels, promising a rapid relocation from your living space to its storage place.

Dive into a world where workout woes are a myth and every session is a step toward sublime fitness with the Folding Exercise Bike. Your body yearns for this transformation. Heed the call!

Main Color Green
Main Material Metal
Dangerous Goods No
Dimensions & Weights {'Assembled Length (in.)': 25.0, 'Assembled Width (in.)': 19.7, 'Assembled Height (in.)': 47.6, 'Weight (lbs)': 42.0, 'Recumbent Size (L x W x H)': "30.7'' x 19.7'' x 42.3''", 'Upright Size (L x W x H)': "25'' x 19.7'' x 47.6''", 'Folded Size (L x W x H)': "9'' x 19.7'' x 54.7''", 'Weight Capacity (LBS)': 350, 'Inseam Length (inch)': "29''-33''"}
Exercise Bike {'Frame': 'Steel', 'Resistance Control': '10-Level tension knob', 'Seat': 'Ergonomic over-sized padded seat, 2-way adjustable', 'Display': 'Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Hand pulse', 'Transport Roller': 'With wheels for easy movement', 'Arm Bands': 'Yes', 'Max. User Weight (LBS)': 350, 'Warranty': '1-Year Limited Warranty', 'Assembly': 'Required', 'Tools': 'Included in package'}