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RedRock PowerCart: 500W Electric Wheelbarrow - 500lbs Capacity & 1000lbs Towing

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Unleash the power of efficiency with our cutting-edge BATTERY POWER CART! Designed with the user in mind, this electric power cart is your trusty companion for all construction, gardening, and yard work needs. Wave goodbye to the back-breaking labor of heavy lifting and let the electric power cart do the heavy work for you.

Simply turn on the power button and gently maneuver the handle—power surges through the cart, ready to tackle any obstacle in your path. The easy-to-follow instruction manual makes controlling this powerhouse a breeze.

With a humanized design, this cart caters to the real-world demands of any job. It offers a relaxed and comfortable working experience, boasting an easy assembly and operation process. Whether you're navigating through gardens or construction sites, the differential drive and dual-wheel design guarantee top-notch steering and maneuverability.

Experience unparalleled performance with an electric 48V brushless motor system, powered by 4x12V 7Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Non-Spillable Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. It boasts a maximum working load capacity of 500 lbs (230 kgs) and can easily master a 15% upward slope. The IP54-rated motor stays protected from dust and rain.

Longevity is key, and thanks to the Brushless DC48V 500W motor, you'll enjoy a low failure rate, minimal maintenance costs, and an extended lifespan. The 48V MAX Series Connection System delivers a robust 336Wh of usage, with an option to upgrade to a 432Wh battery system.

For an eco-friendly, quiet operation, this electric power cart outperforms its fuel-powered rivals without sacrificing power. Safety is paramount, so always use eye and hand protection, and make use of the speed controls and emergency shutoff as necessary.

Don’t let the job control you—take command with our BATTERY POWER CART and make hard work a thing of the past!

Main Specifications
Main Color Red
Main Material Steel
Dangerous Goods dangerFlag
Dimensions & Weights {'Assembled Length (in.)': 54.72, 'Assembled Width (in.)': 23.23, 'Assembled Height (in.)': 38.58, 'Weight (lbs)': 110.23}
Performance {'Motor Power': 'Brushless Motor 48 Volt DC500W', 'Max Working Load Capacity': '230kgs/500lbs', 'Battery Pack': '48V, 28Ah, 336Wh Sealed Lead Acid', 'Speed': {'Forward': '0-5km/h (Variable)', 'Reverse': '0-3.5km/h (Variable)'}, 'Working Slope': '15% Max'}
Additional Features {'Charger': 'Included', 'Certifications': ['CE', 'MSDS', 'UN38.3']}
Product Details {'Item No.': 'LBB01', 'Product Name': 'BATTERY POWER CART', 'Quantity': 1, 'Net Weight (N.W)': '129.8LBS (59 KGS)', 'Gross Weight (G.W)': '138.6LBS (63 KGS)', 'Product Size': '54.72*23.23*38.58 INCH (139*59*98 CM)', 'Packing Dimension': '36.6 x 25.6 x 17.3 INCH (93 x 65 x 44 CM)'}