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TurboCharge Pro: Dual-Motor Electric Longboard - All-Terrain Power!

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Unleash the thrill of night skating with our cutting-edge Electric Skateboard, designed for the ultimate urban adventure. Crafted with robust epoxy resin adhesive and non-slip emery paper, this skateboard ensures impeccable control and stability. Illuminate your path with the integrated front and rear lights, enhancing visibility and safety during your nocturnal escapades.

Experience the freedom of seamless maneuvering with the intelligent remote control, equipped with a clear display that keeps you informed of your speed, battery levels, and direction at a glance. Whether you're cruising through the city streets or carving down alleyways, the dual 600w belt drive motors deliver exhilarating power, propelling you to speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Ride in comfort on high-elasticity PU wheels that absorb shock and provide superior grip, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. Plus, the large capacity 9.6ah battery offers an impressive range of 30-40 km, so you can explore further and ride longer.

Transform your travel into an electrifying experience with our Electric Skateboard. It's not just a ride; it's a statement of freedom and excitement on wheels.

Main Color Black
Main Material Epoxy resin adhesive
Dangerous Goods dangerFlag
Dimensions & Weights
Weight lbs 17.6
Board Surface and Material Epoxy resin adhesive with non-slip emery paper
Front and Rear Lights Equipped for nighttime visibility and safety
Intelligence Remote Control Includes screen displaying speed, battery levels, and direction
Dual Motors Dual 600w belt drive motors for high performance
PU Wheels High elasticity for shock absorption and durability
Battery Large capacity 9.6ah for 30-40km range