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Touch Screen Electric Clothes Dryer - Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, and RVs!

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Introducing the revolutionary Smart Touch Laundry Dryer, designed to elevate your home appliances into the touch screen era. Say goodbye to traditional knob-controlled dryers with this cutting-edge appliance featuring a responsive touch screen for seamless operation. With 3 function modes and 3 heating levels (air dry, medium, high), this dryer offers customizable settings at your fingertips. Equipped with adaptive technology, it adjusts drying time based on load capacity, enhancing fabric care and energy efficiency.

The Smart Touch Laundry Dryer boasts a total drying time range of 0-200 mins, catering to both bulky and delicate fabrics. Its powerful drying capability accelerates drying with a maximum temperature of 150°F, while a precise sensor detects moisture content to automatically shut off when clothes are dry, conserving energy and protecting fabrics. Safety features include automatic shutoff when the door is opened mid-cycle, ensuring peace of mind during operation.

This compact and quiet appliance can be stacked, wall-mounted, or used separately, offering versatile placement options to suit any space. The stainless steel inner tube with a built-in filter net simplifies cleaning, while the included wall mounting kit helps preserve floor space. Upgrade to the Smart Touch Laundry Dryer for a seamless, efficient, and space-saving laundry experience.

Dimensions & Weights
Assembled Length in. 21.5
Assembled Width in. 23.6
Assembled Height in. 27.5
Weight lbs 55.1
Capacity 13.2 lbs / 3.23 cu.ft
Power Source 120V 60Hz
Rated Input 1500W
Lint Filter Location Front Door
Style Irreversible
Number of Drying Temperatures 3
Stackable Yes