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Tightened Universal Credit Checks on Job Seekers

Tightened Universal Credit Checks on Job Seekers

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is enforcing stricter measures to ensure that universal credit recipients are actively seeking employment. As part of the "Back to Work" campaign, the Extra JobCentre Support trial will be expanded, requiring claimants to regularly review their "Claimant Commitment" and attend job interviews. The focus will be on those unemployed for over 13 weeks or with low earnings after six months. Exceptions apply to those awaiting work capability assessments or those with limited work search hours due to certain conditions. Failure to comply with the commitment may result in sanctions, with the severity depending on the nature and frequency of the infraction. People with life-threatening health conditions are exempt from sanctions. This initiative aims to facilitate the return to work, while ensuring that support is available to those who genuinely need it.

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