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Sezzle Introduces Payment Streaks to Boost On-Time Payments

Sezzle Introduces Payment Streaks to Boost On-Time Payments

Sezzle has introduced a new feature called Payment Streaks, aimed at encouraging timely payments among its users. This feature is part of the company's buy now, pay later (BNPL) service, which allows users to advance through loyalty tiers by consistently making payments on or before their due dates. The Payment Streaks program uses a gamification approach to promote responsible payment behaviors, offering rewards such as monthly giveaways and referral bonuses. This initiative reflects a broader trend where BNPL services are increasingly viewed not just as credit products but as essential budgeting tools, especially valuable for managing cash flows without resorting to high-cost financing options. Research indicates high satisfaction with BNPL across various consumer demographics, although younger consumers like Generation Z show less enthusiasm compared to older groups.

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