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Meta's 'Play Now, Pay Later' VR Plan: A Closer Look at the Real Costs
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Meta's 'Play Now, Pay Later' VR Plan: A Closer Look at the Real Costs

Meta's new 'Play Now, Pay Later' scheme for the Meta Quest 3 VR headset appears to offer a financially accessible entry point into VR, but a deeper analysis reveals that the deal isn't as beneficial as it seems. The financing plan allows eligible US customers to pay for a 128GB or 512GB Meta Quest 3 headset, a 24-month subscription to Meta Quest+, and a 24-month Meta Warranty Plus in monthly installments. Although the 128GB bundle does offer some savings, the 512GB bundle actually ends up costing more than if the items were bought separately. Meta claims that the total cost with the financing plan is less, but this is based on the higher monthly subscription rate rather than the cheaper yearly subscription rate. Furthermore, the commitment to a two-year payment plan could pose financial risks if your circumstances change. With rumors of a more budget-friendly Meta Quest 3S on the horizon, potential buyers might want to hold off until further announcements.

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