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Men's Blues: Unpacking the Gender Dynamics of the "Vibecession"

Men's Blues: Unpacking the Gender Dynamics of the "Vibecession"

The term "vibecession" emerged to describe a general feeling of economic malaise despite positive indicators. Research reveals that traditionally, men have felt more optimistic about the economy than women, but during the "vibecession," this gender gap narrowed. Factors contributing to women's economic pessimism include historical financial restrictions, workplace discrimination, and the burden of caregiving. Despite advancements, the economy still favors men, as seen in venture capital disparities and gender pay gaps. In 2021, women's economic outlook improved, possibly due to supportive policies like the American Rescue Plan Act. As the social safety net dissolved in 2023 and workplaces returned to pre-pandemic norms, the gender vibes gap widened once more. The article argues for sustained focus on women's economic sentiment, highlighting their crucial role in the workforce and consumer spending.

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