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Maximalist Magic: Budget-Friendly Bold Home Decor

Maximalist Magic: Budget-Friendly Bold Home Decor

Maximalism in interior design embraces the "more is more" philosophy, focusing on bold colors, textures, and unique pieces. Allie LeFevere and Daniel Mathis, both proponents of maximalist decor, share how to achieve this look without breaking the bank. Thrift and vintage stores can be treasure troves for second-hand finds, while DIY projects allow for personal creativity and cost savings. Building a collection over time and repurposing existing items adds individuality. Incorporating meaningful pieces, such as Allie's pastel green pie cabinet, creates a one-of-a-kind space. Both LeFevere and Mathis emphasize knowing your style and being open to new designs. Financial planner Alex Ammar recommends budgeting and decorating in stages, being mindful of expenses and debt when financing purchases. Maximalism ultimately is about creating a home that reflects one's life and brings joy.

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