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Klarna's New Card: A Credit Alternative or Debt Trap?

Klarna's New Card: A Credit Alternative or Debt Trap?

Klarna, a leading buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) provider, has introduced a new Klarna Card in the U.S., promoting it as a superior alternative to traditional high-cost credit cards. This card, which also features the Visa logo, allows purchases at any Visa-accepting store, offering a flexible payment system with no interest charged if the balance is paid in full monthly. However, for those opting to split payments or delay them, interest rates between 14.99% and 33.99% apply, depending on the payment plan chosen. While it doesn't compound interest and has no annual fees, it does offer certain credit card perks like 10% cashback when used within the Klarna app. Despite these benefits, some financial experts are raising concerns about the high maximum interest rate, which significantly exceeds the average for traditional credit cards, potentially leading to substantial debt for unwary consumers.

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