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Firstcard® Credit Builder Card: A Smart Start for College Students

Firstcard® Credit Builder Card: A Smart Start for College Students

The Firstcard® Credit Builder Card is a unique financial product tailored for college students, though it is available to any U.S. citizen or international student over 18. This secured credit card requires users to open a bank account with Firstcard, with the credit limit determined by the deposited amount. Unlike most secured cards, users can adjust their credit limits by adding funds without waiting periods or restrictions. Firstcard aims to help users avoid overspending by linking the credit limit to the bank account balance. The card boasts no annual, late, or overdraft fees, and users can earn interest on their deposits with an SSN or ITIN. Despite its primary target being college students, it offers broad accessibility, including international students using passport information. Notably, there is no hard credit inquiry during application. The card supports building credit as payment activities are reported to major credit bureaus, though late payments can still impact credit scores. AutoPay is available to ensure timely payments. Forbes Advisor assures unbiased evaluations of financial products, adhering to rigorous editorial guidelines and methodologies.

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