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Fed Holds Rates Steady: Good or Bad for Your Wallet?

Fed Holds Rates Steady: Good or Bad for Your Wallet?

The Federal Reserve's decision to hold interest rates steady is a mixed bag for consumers. While the pause in rate hikes means borrowing costs won't rise, it also means that those with loans or credit card debt won't see immediate relief. On the other hand, savers benefit as the pause enables continued higher returns on savings accounts and CDs. The Fed's move reflects progress in controlling inflation, which has dropped from over 9% in 2022 to 3.2% annually as of February's Consumer Price Index. Consumers are advised to wait on taking out new loans, if possible, to potentially secure lower rates in the future. However, those with credit card debt should aim to pay it off quickly, and savers might consider opening CDs now to capitalize on higher rates before any potential rate cuts.

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