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Cracking the Code: Rating Credit Cards Simplified

Cracking the Code: Rating Credit Cards Simplified

The article details The Motley Fool Ascent's methodology for rating credit cards on a five-star scale, focusing on four main criteria: value, welcome experience, fees, and perks. Each criterion is scored out of 3 points and weighted differently, with the value score having the most impact at 50%. High-value cards typically offer rewards rates above 2% or exceptional 0% intro APR offers. The welcome experience, accounting for 20% of the score, rewards cards that offer significant bonuses or require no credit check. Fees also make up 20% of the score, favoring cards with low or no annual fees. Finally, perks, which account for 10%, assess the benefits provided by the card. The article also specifies the evaluation of different types of credit cards, including travel, rewards, high limit, gas and grocery, student, and secured credit cards, each with tailored rating criteria. The ratings contribute to creating 'Best Of' lists, which also consider brand reputation and customer satisfaction, ensuring unbiased recommendations despite potential advertiser compensation.

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