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Build Credit with BoA Travel Rewards Secured Card

Build Credit with BoA Travel Rewards Secured Card

The Bank of America® Travel Rewards Secured Credit Card presents a cost-effective strategy for individuals looking to establish or improve their credit score while earning travel rewards. With a $0 annual fee and no foreign transaction fees, it's an ideal card for those who want to build credit without the extra costs. The card requires a minimum security deposit of $200, which sets the credit limit, and is refundable upon building a positive credit history. Cardholders earn 1.5 points per dollar spent on all purchases, with points redeemable for statement credits against travel and dining expenses, gift cards, or cash back, albeit with reduced value for the latter. The card is particularly appealing for international travelers due to the absence of foreign transaction fees. However, individuals seeking cash-back rewards or premium travel perks may find the card less suitable. The card also provides free monthly FICO score access, and Bank of America regularly reviews accounts for potential return of the security deposit.

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