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Boost Efficiency with Extend's Virtual Credit Card Management

Boost Efficiency with Extend's Virtual Credit Card Management

Extend is revolutionizing the way businesses manage credit card spending by offering a platform that enables the creation and oversight of virtual credit cards. Co-founded by Andrew Jamison and Guillaume Bouvard, Extend caters to a wide range of industries, from small enterprises to large corporations. The platform enhances security and reduces fraud risk by allowing companies to create virtual cards with specific limits, expiration dates, and rules for use. Extend's integration with existing credit card providers and banks allows for seamless management and categorization of expenses, leading to quicker book closings. The service is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with frequent transactions across numerous suppliers, and it aims to simplify operations while minimizing disruptions caused by fraud. With over 6,500 business customers, Extend's virtual card solutions are seen as a critical tool for improving operational efficiency and maintaining robust supplier relationships.

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