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BNPL: A Lifeline for Many or a Debt Trap in Disguise?

BNPL: A Lifeline for Many or a Debt Trap in Disguise?

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) programs are booming, offering financial relief for those short on funds. Programs like American Express' Pay It Plan It, Chase's My Chase Plan, Citi Flex Pay, and U.S. Bank's ExtendPay allow consumers to split payments over several months, even with poor credit. While these programs can be beneficial, especially for those needing immediate financial support, they come with risks. If not managed carefully, they can lead to high-interest debt cycles. The key is timely payments. Each provider offers different terms, so comparing them is crucial. American Express allows combining purchases, Chase adds fixed monthly fees, Citi has varied terms, and U.S. Bank offers interest-free plans with fixed fees. BNPL can be a smart choice if used wisely.

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