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Little Healer Wooden Doctor Kit - Fun Pretend Play Medical Set for Kids!

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Unleash the imagination of your little one with the enchanting Wooden Doctor Kit for Kids Toddlers, the ultimate Pretend Play Dentist Medical Playset that's designed to inspire future healthcare heroes! This beautifully crafted set allows kids to dive into the world of medicine and oral healthcare with a fun and educational twist.

Crafted from solid wood and painted in vibrant blue with non-toxic, water-based paint, this durable and safe playset includes everything a budding doctor or dentist needs. From a realistic stethoscope to a blood pressure meter, a charming array of dental tools, and even a CT display, children will have everything at their fingertips to role-play and learn.

As they explore the various instruments and enact scenarios of care and cure, children naturally develop empathy, social skills, and an understanding of professional roles. The playful syringe interacts just like the real thing, while the blood pressure cuff is designed for easy application, adding authenticity to their imaginative play.

This thoughtfully designed kit not only keeps your child engaged but also helps them conquer their fears of doctor's visits. It's a bright, inviting way to introduce concepts of health and hygiene while promoting the development of fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

The sturdy handbag that accompanies this set ensures that your child learns the importance of organization, keeping all the tools neatly stored and ready for the next adventure in pretend play.

Suitable for both boys and girls, this doctor kit is the perfect gift for any occasion, providing endless entertainment and learning opportunities. Watch your child's confidence grow as they play, learn, and dream with this delightful Wooden Doctor Kit!

Main Color Blue
Main Material Solid Wood
Dangerous Goods No
Dimensions & Weights {'Assembled Length (in.)': 9.1, 'Assembled Width (in.)': 7.5, 'Assembled Height (in.)': 3.0, 'Weight (lbs)': 1.5}
Product Features ['1 x Stethoscope', '1 x Blood Pressure Meter', '1 x Ointment', '1 x CT Display', '1 x Medicine Tank', '1 x Handbag', '1 x Pills', '4 x Inspection Tool', '1 x Dental Mold', '1 x Dental Floss', '1 x Pliers', '1 x Syringe', '1 x Scorpion', '1 x Toothbrush', '1 x Hammer']