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Kids' Adventure Camp Playset - 45 Pc Indoor/Outdoor Gear for Boys & Girls

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Unleash the spirit of adventure in your little ones with this vibrant 45-piece Wooden Camping Toys Set! Designed for the young explorer, this set is bursting with exciting camping gear and delectable play food that will bring the joy of a camping BBQ to life right in your backyard.

The set includes a wearable watch, a steak that can be "cut," seasoning bottles that mimic real sounds, a foldable Victorinox knife, a stable BBQ tripod, and even a set for making your own kebab! But that's not all - each piece is designed to foster imagination and play, encouraging interest in outdoor activities and helping to develop key skills like communication, cooperation, and motor skills.

Not only does this toy set inspire creativity, but it's also made with your child's safety in mind. Crafted from solid wood and coated with non-toxic water paint, it's smooth to the touch and free of any burrs or splinters. Plus, it comes with a capacious, durable, and waterproof storage bag with an adjustable strap for easy transport. Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or any festival, this wooden camping set is the perfect gift for your little adventurer.

Main Color Orange
Main Material Solid Wood
Dangerous Goods No
Dimensions & Weights
Assembled Height (in.) 14.04
Weight (lbs) 2.30
Product Features
Pieces Count 45 pcs
Interactive Elements ['Wearable watch', 'Cuttable steak', 'Sound-making seasoning bottles', 'Foldable Victorinox knife', 'Stable BBQ tripod', 'Kebab-making set']
Educational Value ['Encourages outdoor interest', 'Improves hands-on ability', 'Enhances communication and cooperation', 'Develops motor skills', 'Sparks creativity and imagination', 'Builds confidence']
Safety Coated with non-toxic water paint, no burr or splinter
Recommended Age 3 years & up
Storage Capacious, durable, and waterproof storage bag with adjustable strap
Package Content
Play Food ['Steak', 'Vegetables', 'Ketchup', 'Marshmallow', 'Bacon', 'Shrimp', 'Sausage']
Tools ['Firewood', 'Grill Tray', 'Branch', 'BBQ Stand', 'Watch', 'BBQ Stick', 'Victorinox Knife', 'Oil Lamp', 'Cup', 'BBQ Stand Holder', 'Chopping Board', 'Clamp', 'Spoon', 'Flashlight', 'Bonfire', 'Slotted Turner', 'Saucer', 'Pot with Lid', 'Salt Bottle', 'Axe', 'Pepper Bottle']