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Junior Craftsman Wooden Workbench - Perfect Holiday Gift for Creative Kids!

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Introducing the Classic Workbench Playset for Kids, a perfect gift for toddlers during Christmas, parties, birthdays, and more! This workbench is designed in sleek black and yellow colors, crafted with high-quality MDF and solid wood accessories to ensure sturdiness and durability. Inspired by engineering vehicles, this workbench offers a highly realistic experience.

Children can unleash their creativity by assembling the toy parts into various shapes, enhancing their imagination. Equipped with screwdrivers, roulettes, wrenches, hammers, saws, and more, kids can enjoy interactive play with friends and family, while honing their manual skills and social abilities.

This versatile workbench makes an ideal gift for any occasion and promises long-lasting fun for children. Please note that this product contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old.


Dimensions & Weights
Assembled Length in. 19.7
Assembled Width in. 12.0
Assembled Height in. 29.9
Weight lbs 10.7
Product Features Classic Workbench Playset for Kids, Great Gifts for Toddlers for Christmas, Party, Birthday, Black and Yellow this workbench is made of high quality MDF and the accessories are made of solid wood. it is Sturdy and durable. Inspired by the color matching of engineering vehicles, it is very simulated. The toy parts can be spelled out in different shapes, which can give play to children's imagination. With screwdrivers, roulettes, wrenches, hammers, saws and other parts, children can play with friends or family members and improve their manual ability and interpersonal skills. This workbench is suitable for any scene to give as a gift, it is the best gift for the child, and the child can also use it for a long time. This product has small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old.