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Desert Oasis Multi-Level Cactus Cat Tree - Climbing Condo Perch

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Unleash the ultimate playground for your feline friends with our exceptional Cactus Cat Tree! Boasting a distinctive cactus shape, this multifunctional cat tree is more than just a piece of pet furniture – it's a dynamic and engaging activity center designed to cater to your kitty's adventurous and playful nature.

Imagine a verdant green oasis that not only complements your home decor but also offers endless hours of fun for your curious cat. From a fully sisal-covered scratching post that satisfies their natural scratching urges to the plush perches that provide a heavenly spot for window gazing or a well-deserved nap, this cat tree has it all.

At the heart of this delightful cactus lies a spacious and inviting condo, perfectly sized for both kittens and adult cats to enjoy a private retreat. The ladder with sisal-covered posts invites your kitty to climb and scratch, promoting healthy exercise and nail care.

The crowning glory of this cat tree is a soft plush top perch with a raised edge, where your feline can lounge and survey their kingdom with contentment. And for those playful moods, a detachable plush pom-pom dangles tantalizingly, ready to be batted and chased, stimulating their hunting instincts.

Crafted with superior quality and safety in mind, our Cactus Cat Tree features a sturdy construction that allows for safe climbing. The soft, durable plush covering ensures a cozy touch and protection against accidental slips.

Easy to assemble with the included tool pack and detailed instructions, you'll have this cat paradise set up in no time. And with our 100% satisfied guarantee, you can rest assured that we're here to support you with top-notch customer service.

Transform your home into a feline wonderland and watch as your cat enjoys the comfort, exercise, and entertainment that our Cactus Cat Tree provides.

Color Green
Material CARB-certified Board, Felt Fabric, Sisal Rope
Product Size {'Length (in.)': 19.1, 'Width (in.)': 16.7, 'Height (in.)': 35.6, 'Dimensions (cm)': '48.5 x 42.5 x 90.5'}
Weight {'lbs': 19.6, 'kg': 8.9}
Package Dimensions {'Length (in.)': 19.7, 'Width (in.)': 17.4, 'Height (in.)': 7.1, 'Dimensions (cm)': '50 x 44 x 18'}
Package Weight {'lbs': 21.8, 'kg': 9.9}
Assembled {'Length (in.)': 19.1, 'Width (in.)': 16.7, 'Height (in.)': 35.6}
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