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360° Musical Starry Sky Night Light - Soothe Baby to Sleep - Red

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Unveil the wonders of the cosmos right within your child's bedroom with the enchanting Starry Night Light Projector! This magical device is more than just a night light; it's an immersive experience that transforms any room into a celestial dreamscape, encouraging the young minds to explore the vastness of their imagination.

Crafted from durable ABS material and designed with a vibrant red hue, this projector is built to last and appeal to kids of all ages. Watch in awe as it casts a luminous array of stars and galaxies across the walls and ceiling, with three beautiful light colors—yellow, blue, and white—that can be combined to create a mesmerizing effect.

But the Starry Night Light Projector doesn't stop there. It also features a built-in music function, playing soothing melodies that rotate 360 degrees along with the lights, lulling your little one into a peaceful slumber under a starlit sky.

Changing the projection themes is a breeze, allowing for a variety of celestial shows to delight and educate your child. The projector is simple to operate with easy-to-understand buttons, making it child-friendly and a joy to use.

Give the gift of wonder and creativity with the Starry Night Light Projector—a perfect present for holidays or any special occasion. Let your child drift off to sleep under a blanket of stars and wake up inspired to discover the world beyond.

Main Specifications
Color Red
Material ABS
Filler ABSPC
Dangerous Goods dangerFlag
Dimensions & Weights {'Assembled Length (in.)': '4.33', 'Assembled Width (in.)': '4.33', 'Assembled Height (in.)': '6.69', 'Weight (lbs)': '0.88'}
Product Features {"Manufacturer's recommended age": '3 years and above', 'Color': 'Red', 'Features': {'Three-color lights': 'Switchable', 'Music function': 'Soothing music box with 360 rotating playback', 'Projection themes': 'Various, interchangeable', 'Operation method': 'Simple buttons for easy use', 'Replacing the slide rail': 'Easy lampshade removal for theme change'}, 'Size': {'Length (in.)': '5.07', 'Width (in.)': '5.07', 'Height (in.)': '4.5'}, 'Weight': {'lbs': '0.88'}}