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GoTo and TikTok Bet Big on BNPL Future

GoTo and TikTok Bet Big on BNPL Future

Despite the global skepticism surrounding 'buy now, pay later' (BNPL) services due to many players in the sector faltering, Indonesian tech giant GoTo is gearing up to introduce a BNPL product in collaboration with TikTok. This move comes after GoTo's e-commerce segment, Tokopedia, merged with TikTok Shop, indicating a strategic partnership that could potentially bolster the presence of BNPL services on these platforms. The partnership between GoTo and TikTok suggests that they may see untapped potential in the BNPL market, particularly within their own vast user ecosystems. As they prepare to launch this new product, the question arises whether these companies possess insights into the BNPL service that give them an advantage over others who are struggling in the same field.

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